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Welcome to the E-Learning Portal for Investors

This e-learning portal on Specified Investment Products (SIPs) is jointly developed by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) and Securities Association of Singapore (SAS). The objective of this portal is to help investors make informed investment decisions through the understanding of the SIPs’ features, risk and suitability before deciding to invest in them. The portal is available to all investors in Singapore at no charge.

Course Modules

Five modules of the SIPs are offered on the e-learning portal as follows:

  • 1. Contracts For Difference;
  • 2. Foreign Exchange Margin Trading;
  • 3. Structured Deposits and Dual Currency Investments;
  • 4. Structured Products;
  • 5. Unit Trusts and Investment-linked Insurance Policies.
Main Features of the E-Learning Portal

The system will generate a Certificate which will be sent to the registered email address of a user who has successfully completed the module and passed the assessment. The Certificate is valid for one year from the date of completion. Upon expiry of the validity period, users are required to retake the online assessment of the specific SIP that they wish to invest in.

Confidentiality safeguards are built into the e-learning portal to ensure that customers’ details cannot be accessed by any other parties other than the customer himself. Customers are required to register online using their registered email address and last 4 characters of the personal identification document . Upon successful registration, each customer will be given a OTP password (delivered via his registered email address) to allow him to login to the e-learning portal.